Blueprint for Tax Reform

Here is a unified framework for pro-growth tax reform which was announced today by the Trump administration, House Ways and Means Committee, and Senate Finance Committee. Tax Blueprint 09 27 17  

Who will replace Mike Pence?

Below is the process to replace Gov. Mike Pence on Indiana’s ballot: According to the Rules of the Indiana Republican State Committee (IRSC), the Chairman is required to call a “State Committee Caucus” of the IRSC for the purpose of electing a candidate to fill the ballot vacancy within 30 days of when the vacancy… Continue reading Who will replace Mike Pence?

An Important Date

It may seem in the distant future, but the Indiana Primary Election will be held May 3rd. If you are not registered or have moved you will need to make sure you are properly registered by April 4th to be able to vote. It’s a simple process that can be done online here: Indiana Voter… Continue reading An Important Date

Rep. Ron Bacon to Provide Legislative Update

This Saturday, January 16th, Representative Ron Bacon will be at the Chrisney 4-H  Community Center from 9-10am (Central) to provide an update to legislation during this short term of the Indiana House. All are welcome and encouraged to attend.