Women’s Club

Spencer County GOP Women’s ClubSCRWG

The Spencer County Republican Women’s Club is headquartered in Rockport, Ind. Our focus this year is educating people on the Facebookcandidates who are running for office and issues of importance to all of us.

This revision contains all changes approved as of March 9, 2012


Rule 11-1.  The work of an auxiliary organization shall be conducted under the direction of the State Committee, in conjunction with the by-laws of the auxiliary.

Rule 11-2.  An auxiliary organization (whether designated as a club, council, society, or by some other name) shall be kept up and maintained continuously from year to year.  However, no auxiliary organization, excepting only district, county, city, town, and precinct committees organized under these rules, is an official or authoritative organization of the Republican Party, until and unless the auxiliary organization has been approved as to its form and method and submits in writing to the State Committee a statement of its form and methods, together with any other information required by the State Committee.

Rule 11-3.  Any auxiliary organization failing to receive approval of the State Committee is unofficial and unauthorized to function in the name of the Republican Party in Indiana.