Vicki L. Brauns

Vicki L. Brauns, 64, is seeking re-election as county recorder as a Republican. She and her husband, Tom, have three children and three grandchildren.

Brauns has kept books and run a business most of her working career. She has worked for St. Bernard Catholic School, Brauns Appliance and for the last four years at the Courthouse as Spencer County Recorder.

“This job is a perfect fit for me,” said Brauns.” Tom and I are interested in history and there is much to be found here. Running an office is something I have done for many years as well. I have found my last four years of experience brings the knowledge our county needs. It takes skills and training to get to the level I am at right now, and to keep things going forward, I want to run for another term.”

As county recorder, Brauns has attended seminars and local meetings whenever possible to broaden her knowledge for the office. She has also implemented new programs, such as E-Recording for the county.

“Spencer County Recorders reports have just increased over the last four years,” said Brauns. “We are a busy office, recording deeds, mortgages, mortgage releases, affidavits, surveys, power of attorney documents and many more. That means more revenue for the county!”

Despite the restrictions placed on Courthouse access due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the recorder’s office has remained busy. “We have all worked during COVID and because of the setup, the researching for the banks and lawyers have been provided the information needed to keep up their filings and your transactions.”

Brauns is a member of the Richland Lions Club, the Richland United Methodist Church, Spencer County Community Foundation and a precinct committee person for her party.

“I also love gardening/ flower arranging as a hobby,” said Brauns. “I am all in to the Grandmother’s Club!”

She added that residents should see the recorder’s office as helpful and should feel free to ask questions to help determine the needs of the community. The office has a new cyber safety program that protects the currently held records. We have a program for residents to enroll in, it’s free of charge, it helps prevents the unauthorized sale of your property.

If re-elected, Brauns hopes to purchase a mapping printer with accumulated funds as well as connect to the assessor’s and auditor’s offices to be able to E-record deeds.

“I feel if these are completed then my Spencer County will be ready and updated for the future!”