November 3, 2014

Nov. 3, 2014

Folks, some of us have been on the campaign trail for nearly 2 years now.
I am so proud of our candidates. They are clearly the best choice for Spencer County! They bring so much to the table with their qualifications and experience. They have demonstrated their dedication and willingness to work during this campaign cycle. We have attended many, many events this year?. county fairs, demolition derbies, festivals, parades, church socials, charity fundraisers, car shows, dinners, picnics, meetings, political rallies, meet the candidate breakfasts, and probably some things I can?t remember. Our candidates have spent hours going door-to-door across Spencer County. They have purchased campaign signs, brochures, business cards, stickers, and more. They have answered newspaper questionnaires and appeared at forums.

Our candidates have run clean, effective campaigns and have NOT participated in mudslinging, like many of the falsehoods you hear coming from the other side. I have sincerely enjoyed working with, and have a great deal of respect for, each and every one of them! I am proud of the job they have done.

It takes a lot of courage, time, money, and personal sacrifice to run for public office, and I applaud them all for stepping up to the challenge. It has truly been my privilege as Republican County Chairman to have been involved with this fine group.

With this, I ask you to not only vote Republican on Tuesday, November 4, but to contact your family members and friends and ask them to do the same! It is critical we get ALL of our vote out on Tuesday. Our candidates deserve no less. Remember, in recent years, races have been won and lost by less than 10 votes. EVERY vote counts and EVERY vote matters!

Republican Strong!

Thank You and God Bless.

Jon Winkler
Jon Winkler, Chair

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