Who will replace Mike Pence?

Below is the process to replace Gov. Mike Pence on Indiana’s ballot:

Untitled-1According to the Rules of the Indiana Republican State Committee (IRSC), the Chairman is required to call a “State Committee Caucus” of the IRSC for the purpose of electing a candidate to fill the ballot vacancy within 30 days of when the vacancy occurred. This would be a private, closed door meeting for members only of the IRSC. All votes will be cast by secret ballot. A written 10-day notice is required prior to the date of the meeting. All candidates are required to file a written “Declaration of Candidacy” with the Secretary of the IRSC 72 hours prior to the start of the State Committee Caucus.

 There are a total of 22 eligible voters as follows: The District Chair and the District ViceChair of each of the 9 Congressional Districts and the 4 officers of the IRSC. The RNC Committeeman and Committeewoman are not eligible to vote. Each candidate will be allowed 2 minutes for a person to provide an introduction to the State Committee and each Candidate will be allowed 3 minutes to speak before the Caucus in person. A simple majority of those present is required to secured the nomination. In the case of all eligible voters being in attendance, 12 votes would be required to secured the nomination. In the case of multiple candidates, and no one reaches a simple majority, a second ballot would occur after dropping the candidate with the lowest number of votes. Voting would continue until a candidate reaches a simple majority


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